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Doug Baker

Owner and co-founder

With 15+ years in marketing and technology, Doug Baker champions independent brands to exceed expectations. Specializing in an analytical approach to brand marketing, Doug utilizes first-party data and e-commerce strategies, enabling brick-and-mortar retailers to resonate with digital-first consumers. In 2022, he gained national acclaim speaking at the Restaurant and Franchising Innovation Summit in Nashville, sharing insights alongside industry leaders.

Peter Boulton

Owner and co-founder

A man of many talents. Peter plays 7 instruments, is a certified chef, hobbyist motorcycle mechanic, and we think, a fairly talented web developer. He’s lived in 7 countries and visited over 30. Between his ten plus years in the restaurant industry and his experience coding we think he’s up to the job of finding digital solutions specifically for the hospitality industry. Who knows, maybe those few wild years on the road with the band will come in to play too.

Marshall McLuhan


Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980), a Canadian philosopher and cultural theorist, gained international acclaim with his 1964 book, “Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man,” where he coined the phrase “the medium is the message.” His pioneering work delved into how different forms of media shape human consciousness. Predicting the global impact of electronic media, his influence transcends academia, impacting scholars and thinkers globally. McLuhan’s legacy endures as a key figure in media studies, offering profound insights into the complex relationship between technology and society.

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is to empower small businesses, non-profits, and organizations by offering tailored text marketing services that elevate the visibility and engagement of their communications. we aim to increase the likelihood that their messages are not just seen but truly heard and actively embraced by their target audiences.

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